Iberian slateAssortment of Iberian charcuterie (ham, chorizo, loco, Iberian sausage) and Manchego cheese, accompanied by tomato sauce, candied tomatoes, aioli, olive oil and toasted bread
Fromage ManchegoTypical cheese made from cow’s milk and sheep
Embutidos y QuesoSerrano ham, Iberian chorizo and lomo, Manchego cheese
Duo de jamónesIberian ham refined 36 months et Serrano ham refined 18 months
Pan con tomate2 toasted breads topped with tomato pulp and garlic olive oil, an indispensable for your boards or just for fun
Buñuelos de quesoDeep friend goat cheese and walnut with honey
Patatas bravasDiced fried potatoes topped with sauces : bravas or aioli
Chistorra à la planchaSpanish sausage cooked grilled
Pimientos del padronMini fried green peppers. Originally from Galicia, they are sweet and tasty
Berenjenas à la MalagueñaThin slices of fried eggplant, olive oil and sugar cane honey
CalamaresCalamari fried in Andalusian style
Sepia à la planchaCuttlefish cooked on plancha, seared with olive oil and garlic
Pintxos de ensaladilla con atúnSmall toasts garnished with a traditional rusa salad (potatoes, small vegetables, light mayonnaise) and a white tuna fillet
Croquetas JamónSerrano ham refined 9 months
Croquetas ToroBeef stew
Croquetas Boletusforest mushrooms
Croquetas Piquillocod and roasted peppers
Croquetas Mixtaassortment of croquetas to compose
Secreto de cerdoHanger of pork (approx. 150g) seared a la plancha with Jamón Serrano chiffonade
Tartare de boeuf Ibérique180g beef tartare made with Serrano ham, Manchego cheese, candied tomatoes and condiments
Rabo de toroStewed bull with onions and small vegetables cooked to the Andalusian tradition
RIB SteakGrilled Rib steak (about 300g)
Burger El PrimeroGround beef (about 180g), cheddar, salad, tomatoes et mayonnaise sauce
Burger El ClassicoGround beef (about 180g), salad, tomatoes, Manchego cheese, red onions and mojo picón sauce (sweet pepper)
Burger El ChorizoGround beef (about 180g), salad, tomatoes, Manchego cheese, Chorizo, red onions and brava sauce (lightly spicy)
Crevettes en tempuraShrimps coated in light batter, served with an aioli sauce
Emperador a la planchaSlice of Swordfish (about 150g) cooked, with olive oil and cooked on a plancha
Pulpo PiconGrilled octopus (about 180g) slightly, spicy and mashed potatoes
Gambas à la planchaGenerous portion of gambas seized at the plancha, with olive oil and garlic
Sepia a la cochambrosaFried cuttlefish (200g environ) topped with ali oli sauce and mixed salad
Huevos todo queso3 eggs goat cheese, caramelized onions, Manchego cheese, tomatoes and fries
Huevos pollo crema3 eggs, chicken, white wine, cream, onions and fries
Huevos chistorra y pimientos3 eggs , grilled Spanish sausage, bell peppers the plancha and fries
Huevos jamón y queso3 Eggs, Serrano ham, Manchego cheese and fries
Fideua de mariscoValencia speciality, cooked pasta in a fish broth topped with calamari, shrimp, mussels, peas and peppers
Paëlla de mariscoPaella topped with calamari, shrimp, mussels, peas and peppers
Paëlla mixtaPaella topped with chicken, chorizo, calamari, shrimp, mussels, peas and peppers
Doble tostada calienteHot grilled double toasted bread with Serrano ham, Manchego cheese and tomato pulp
Tosatada queso cabra cebollaToasted bread, melted goat cheese, caramelized onions and honey
Tostada de ventrescaToasted bread, topped with sauce Romesco and garnished with filets of white tuna, peppers, tomato, red onion and green salad
Tostada tomate jamón SerranoToasted bread, Serrano ham, tomato pulp and olive oil
Ensalada de ventresca de atúnGreen salad, white tuna fillets, peppers, tomato and red onions
Ensalada de pollo crujienteGreen salad, crispy chicken, tomato, potatoes, Manchego cheese and caesar sauce
Ensalada de queso de cabraGreen salad, melted goat cheese, caramelized onions, nuts, dry grapes and croutons
Ensalada serranaGreen salad, tomato, patatas, Serrano ham, cheese Manchego, croutons, raisins and nuts
French friesPotatoes fries
Patatas bravasCut potatoes with brava sauce or aioli
Mashed potatoesMashed potatoes
VegetablesCooked of seasonal vegetables
Green SaladGreen salad with onions and tomatoes slices